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Grant Walmsley is an Australian singer, guitarist and song writer...

Grant was born in Newcastle NSW Australia. Influences include: Sinatra, Stevie Ray, Sex Pistols, Keith Richards, Neil Young and Bob Marley, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Rolling Stones, Johnny Winter and AC/DC.

Grant Walmsley met  Dave Gleeson at a Marist Brother High School and formed a band in 1985, Aspect (formerly Sudden Impact). In 1989 the Screaming Jets (The Jets) was formed by adding Paul Woseen, Brad Heaney, Richard Lara, Craig Rosevear, Jimi 'The Human' Hocking, Izzy Osmanovich, Col Hatchman and Mickl Sayers.

The Screaming Jets 1991 track Better has become a certified classic and was voted Triple M radio's number 1# Australian song of the decade. Better was certified Gold and achieved the second highest sales for that year. Grant's song Sad Song was a Triple J top 100 hit. Other songs written by Grant include: Shine over Me, Elvis…I Remember, Living In England, Individuality and Realise. Grant's song better has been covered on Australian Idol, is amongst Harry Kewell's top 10 songs, and features on Sony Play Stations Sing Star. His politically inspired Impossible has been listed as Andrew Johns favourite song.

Grant Walmsley has performed with artists including Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, Black Crowes, Robert Plant, Velvet Revolver, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Faith No More, INXS, Pearl Jam, Spinal Tap and many others.

Walmsley has also notched up acting credits including: his debut in the 2000 Australian feature film Bootmen, directed by Tap Dog's creator Dein Perry. Grant played the longhaired and obnoxious ‘Newt' who provided the rock sounds to the tap dancing group.

2001-2002 Hang Seng with Felicity Chicoteau and Col Hatchman.

In 2006 Grant met Rod Ansell and launched Agents of Peace. Agents of Peace will be following the indie path. Currently performing the Smokin’ Roots and Blues Review. The show consists of Walmsley’s solo works mixed with classics from some of the legendary songwriters of the 20th century including Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Bill Broozy, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and many others, including Screaming Jets hits penned by Grant.

Grant Walmsley has been writing songs professionally for over 20 years. He has over 100 songs published through Universal Music. His lyrics incorporate social commentary, politics, philosophy and personal emotion.

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